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How To Make Doubles Without Re-Recording Pt I

One of the most important parts of a track is the vocal. Sometimes (depending on the artist) a single track of vocals is all that you need. Most of the time ad-lib’s and doubles are required to make the performance even more powerful.

The Difference Between Bass and Electric Guitars

A bass guitar is very similar to a guitar. It looks very much like an electric guitar but it has a neck that is longer and obviously the scales are longer too. It also has 4-8 strings.

Copyright 101: Protect Your Songs

What if one day you were riding around in your car & you heard a song that you wrote or a beat that you made & is playing on the radio, without your consent? What if you found out that somebody else out there is creating profit off your music? This happens all the time, it very frustrating to those who spend the precious creative time in making music.

How Do You Handle Rejection?

Did you know that The Beatles were rejected by a record label prior to being signed? And The Rolling Stones? Yep, them too. So, how does knowing that help you?

Don’t Rush – Rehearse Before Recording

I’ve recorded a lot of people during my time as a music producer and this is the number one thing that frustrates me. When a rapper or a singer comes into the studio unprepared and we have to go over the same line for 30 minutes straight. I know for artists it’s even more frustrating because you guys are the ones actually preforming the song.

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