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Facts About the Music Industry Big Executives Don’t Want You to Know

From the consumer’s perspective, the music industry may seem like a glamorous world full of talented people and never-ending parties, where the money just seems to flow in and make all of its beneficiaries full of riches. That’s exactly what the big executives of the music industry want outsiders to think.

The Challenge of Making It In The Music Business

Many people talk about promotion as the hindrance to making it in the music business. While the promotional strategy of a given artist or band is a crucial element for success, there is another criteria that can circumvent a poor campaign. Some have even suggested it in the millions of songs available that can make it impossible for the good artist to get noticed.

Writing a Music Business Plan That Works

It is said that there are 3 main ways to grow a business (this also applies to a Music Business); increase the number of customers buying your products, sell more to the same customers, and by increasing the sale value of each product. The good thing about writing a business plan that works means we need to start with and take into consideration the 3 ways of growing a business if we are to create the best workable business plan.

How to Write a Business Music Plan

Many people find writing a business plan to be a chore but most artists/bands find it extremely difficult but it need not be that way. A music business plan is one of the easiest documents to write. In this article I am going to give you 3 Top Keys that will make writing a music business plan a simple task.

Music From Arcadia: Resurrecting The Sonic Novel Archaic Science of A 432 Hz

“THE GLOBAL SONG-432 HZ FOR ‘COSMIC CONTACT'” envisioned 15 years ago by the author in 1999, is coming into fruition for the ripe time of the first Cultural Artistic attempt to use harmonics of music, as the language of communication with the cosmos. Are you ready?

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