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Boutique Guitar Amps and Effects Pedals

Over the past 10 years there has been a huge increase in small, specialized companies that make high quality, unique guitar amplifiers and effects pedals (electronic devices that alter or add to an instrument’s sound, i.e. delay, distortion, compression, etc.). Some of them consist of just a few guys in a garage…

Is It Rock or Not?

When I think Rock, I imagine the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Cash, or The Sex Pistols sweating on stage as they perform in front of an audience that’s hungry for dynamic guitar riffs and vocal magic. What I don’t imagine are images of some, clearly Pop music artists, doing their things on stage. But it seems that somehow, countless Pop musicians have been labeled under the genre of Rock – much to the disgrace of those who realize that they’re as close to being Rock as a lemon is to being an apple.

The Booking Agent: Dealing With Them And Protecting Your Interests – Part 3

The agent has a responsibility not only to you, but to the party hiring you. He has to be confident that you will fulfill that party’s needs and that the party will also live up to their responsibilities. For all intents and purposes, then, the agent has both the employee (the act) and the employer (the hiring party) as clients, for ultimately his agenda is to make sure that both parties are satisfied. This dual responsibility is directly reflected in how money flows between the parties.

Musicians: The Best Way To Market Yourself for Free, All on Your Own

For musicians today, we have options that no one did in the past. And those options are created by the vast web of connectivity that we call the Internet. And now, anyone – and I mean anyone – can utilize various social media platforms and get their name out there entirely free of charge.

Treating Your Practice Like the Real Thing!

I recently had the pleasure of rehearsing with a rock band that is doing a lot of the right things but one of the things that really struck me was that there set up for their rehearsals. It was nothing like the stage. It is important the rising bands/artist understand the importance of making your rehearsals just like the real thing.

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