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Music Mixing Process 1 – Levels

I will split this explanation up as I believe it will be easier to tell you about everything involved, so let’s get started!

Music Mixing Process 3 – Automation

Automation can also be used as manual compression which is what we will focus on. Manually going in and taming peaks for a more natural, smoother response from the particular instrument that is being automated. The most common use for automation though happens to be vocal tracks. I don’t care if you’re Lara Fabian, Fergie or Sebastian Bach, chances are you got some automation, nearly every vocal gets it.

A Singer’s Interview: 4 Preparation Tips for Doing It Right

When singers interview with the media they should bear in mind that today’s overly competitive entertainment market makes both what you say and the way you present yourself important. One simple miscommunication can have a lifelong affect on a singer’s career. An entertainer must have a well-thought-out strategy before speaking with the media.

Which Guitar Is Best For a Guitar Beginner?

If you are a complete guitar beginner, you probably ask yourself as to which guitar is best for a guitar beginner. Should you choose an acoustic, bass or electric guitar? Quite frankly, the only person that can answer this question is still you based on how much you know about guitars and which guitar suits you best in terms of familiarity and skill.

Ableton Tutorials – Learning Ableton Live for Free Using Video Tutorials

Beginning the process of becoming a music producer is an arduous one – there is ton of things that need to be understood at a fundamental level to be successful: music theory, composition, recording, production techniques, software, etc. Fortunately, there is an incredible amount of material available on the internet for aspirating music producers. For users of Ableton Live, a simple search for “ableton tutorial” will yield thousands of videos of content showing how to do various things in Ableton Live, from setting up an introductory track to doing final mastering.

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