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Record Deal Vs DIY

In response to recent information floating around the blogosphere about the old record deal model versus the new DIY model being more profitable for the artist, I thought I’d throw in some aspects that might not have been considered. There are 4 pieces to this puzzle that must be weighed before making official judgment one way or another.

DubTurbo Review: Do Not Buy DubTurbo Until You Read This Carefully

Hello, my name is Alison Kelly. I have been composing music, beats and lots of other stuffs that you would not want to know… But today, I am going to tell you about this recently-famous software DubTurbo. I believe that you have heard a lot about this software and wonder if DubTurbo is as good as people talk about it. To my point of view, good or bad, it is up to your need of using the features of this software to make music. Let me tell you all the features of DubTurbo, so that you can give a clear decision yourself…

Music Editing and Mixing Explained

I get a lot of questions asked about auto-tune, quantization, etc and I feel that there is a general confusion by musicians about what part of work is actually what part. I will explain the differences so when you contact a studio or engineer you can communicate easier with our lingo and understand exactly what it is we do, without further ado, let’s get started! Music Editing: Contrary to popular belief, editing tracks and such is NOT, I repeat, NOT mixing.

The Political Gig for Musicians

As a musician, getting your information out there to get a gig is a lot like submitting a resume for a job. Sometimes you submit your information by paper or filling out sheets, but a lot of times it is word of action and word of mouth. No matter what way you use to get a gig, it all has to do with politics. The most successful marketers can make a product look better than what it actual is. That may sound like deception, but when you think about it from a business mindset it makes since. In order to sale yourself as a musician, you have to stand out from other musicians. For example, there are literally thousands of guitarists in the Los Angeles area, and if you were a guitarist, what makes a gig holder want you? The answer is simply found in how you market yourself.

You Don’t Need a Big Studio For a Big Sound

You don’t need a room full of expensive gear or a incredible studio to work your songs until they’re strong and full of impact. But you do have to leave any tendencies to creative laziness and mediocrity out of the studio.

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