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Licensing Music for Film

Licensing music for film is a lucrative job since it involves a lot of procuring songs for a motion picture. The songs are usually handled by a music supervisor working in a film production company. The supervisor’s job is to identify the most appropriate songs for film and communicate with the copyright administrators or owner before publishing them.

DubTurbo Review: From a Real Customer

Hello, I am writing this article since there are many people want to get some real information about DubTurbo but what they have found was mostly hype and from people who have never tried it. Before I purchase a copy of DubTurbo, I was just like you. I even did a research carefully to make sure that what I was going to buy was worth my money. Those are the reasons why I decide to write my own article to give my personal thought about this music production software in order that you will understand this product before you buy it. I will write down the three most asked questions and the answer for each below.

Marketing 101 For The Working Musician

So the clubs are chaos for the owner. They do not have to be for you. It is your job to make sure you are not a burden on the owner.

Creative Ways To Promote Yourself In The Music Industry

The number one think you learn on your wild online marketing journey is YouTube and other social sites are your friend. All social networking sites were created to easily allow content to be shared virally.

The Success of British Bands: Past and Present

The success of British band has come a long way since the sixties through to the present century. To appreciate the success, we have to mention the best bands of these ages.

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