Scorpions, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, U2, Nirvana, Ledzeppelin – Best Slow Rock Ballads 80s, 90s

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Most Popular Male Singers Of 2012

Some have the good looks on their side; others have infectious rhythms or cheeky lyrics that are on the likes of all people. Some are talented, some are not, but they all share a common feature: they are the most popular male singers of 2012.

The Greatest Female Singers Of 2012

They are the ones who set and maintain worldwide trends, the ones who rule the charts in their unique and chic way, who make our booty shake and our hearts cry with sorrow, they are the most beautiful and popular of their kind and the greatest female singers of the year. For them, 2012 was a glorious year, as they surged in their fame and glory and outnumbered their fan base. So, gentlemen take your hats off for…

Singing Your Way Into The Charts – Step-By-Step

When you read how some of today’s record stars started out, you quickly learn that making it on the big stage is AS MUCH about mind-set, as your talent. Here are some examples of how independent artists have achieved stardom on shoestring budgets – without the help of major record companies.

Attitudes Bar and Wedding DJs Must Possess

Attitudes bar and wedding DJs must possess in order for them to have a successful event. A successful event will surely turn to satisfied customers.

5 Tips to Help You Choose a Vocal Trainer

If you are considering a career as a professional singer, picking the right vocal trainer can help you reach important milestones, to develop, maximise and preserve your talent. But what do you look for in a vocal trainer? Not all professional singers make great vocal trainers, and not all great vocal trainers, are chart topping singers. Moving from one coach to another can also be counter-productive. Ideally, you want the best of both worlds – in line with YOUR goals as a vocal student. Here are some ideas:

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