Scorpions, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, U2, Nirvana – Greatest Hits Slow Rock Ballads 70s, 80s, 90s

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Top Music Contracts for Producers and Artists

Understanding the importance for a musician to use signed music agreements is the first step towards a secure music career. to conduct music business and protect your music career. It is vital aspiring music producers and artists secure their projects and recordings with professionally drafted contracts.

The Top 5 Resources for Touring Bands With Wireless Internet

Whether hitting the road as a hired gun or finally getting to go out and play more shows with a long-term group, being in a band that gets to go on tour can be as fun as it can be grueling. And for those who aren’t merely taking a weekend jaunt, the chance to explore the various options of playing live is one definitely worth taking, especially when it can mean making a whole lot more money than playing to the same crowds back home or trying to cell CDs on the web to people who have never heard one’s music. The only trouble is that sometimes, first-timers who aren’t experienced with being out there make mistakes that end up causing the band trouble, and sometimes, those mistakes can even lead to breaking up too soon.

Five Tips for Setting Up a Successful Irish Music Club

Five tips for setting up a successful Irish music club and ensuring that it thrives for many years to come. How to pick a venue, choose the right acts and how to add a little extra value by hiring professional performers occasionally.

Make Your Own Rap Beats Just As Good As the Professionals

You can produce a platinum radio single (the beat anyway) using the ways I’ll discuss and a very inexpensive beat making software that comes with support and detailed video and manual instruction. You want to do your beat using one of these beat creation programs because they are fully stocked with pro quality drums, effects, keyboards and sounds that the main stream producers use to sell beats for thousands(sometimes hundreds of thousands) of dollars.

Make a Hip Hop Beat That Sounds Like a Big Time Producer Made It

If you are into hip hop music then I’m sure you have heard a lot of new rappers making hits from they’re laptops that became smash singles. Most of them accomplished creating a platinum radio sound using the exact same techniques that I talk about.

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