Scorpions, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, U2, Nirvana ? Greatest Hits Slow Rock Ballads 70s, 80s, 90s ?

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Music Marketing Plan – How to Market Your Band

With so much new media technology available to help bands get the word out about their latest songs, it has never been easier to market music. No longer do musicians have to take on massive loans from corporations in order to get their songs to the masses. Treat your band like a small business and market it to millions online! This article delivers viable tips for music marketing in the Information Age.

So You Want To Be A Professional Singer

Learn how to become a professional singer. Then read this article.

Networking To Take Your Musical Career Further

What separates the internet age from any other period in history is that we do not need to think twice before using information technology to make our life easy. The internet can be used for a great number of things since it has the ability to break down many barriers. This makes the internet a great way to get in touch with other people. The result is networking. In fact, the ease with which ideas can flow over the internet makes it one of the best ways for groups of people to get in touch with each other. Musicians have not stayed behind and they use the internet for very remarkable purposes.

Never Give Up! Planning Ahead For 2011

As 2010 is drawing rapidly to a close, we all start to look back at the last year to assess just how far we have come. For some, that can be a very rewarding experience while others are wondering just what went wrong.

Band Press Kit – What You Need

For decades, bands have used press kits to demonstrate their sound, look, history, and attitude to professionals. This article discusses the key features of a great band press kit. Industry trends are changing in response to the internet, so it is important to consider how press kits are evolving in the Information Age.

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