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Vision – How to be Successful in the Music Industry Faster

In this article, learn why vision is the most important factor in achieving long-term success in the music industry. This article discusses the 5 reasons why vision is important for your music career.

Songwriting Made Simple – Building Your Music Career – Who’s on My Team? The Record Producer

When we see an entertainer on stage or screen, it’s very easy to assume that they somehow got there on their looks, talent or both. Of course, there are instances where it seems neither apply, but in reality, the person that you see is “the face” of a team of about one hundred to two hundred and fifty (or more) people who actually are the Producers, Agents, Managers, PR people, Lawyers, etc., that are the real “brains” behind the operation.

Sonic Music Maker – Is it Really Possible to Produce Music Beats?

Not that long ago a very good friend of mine revealed that the sonic music maker had helped him create some very interesting beats. I was surprised to hear this considering the fact that I had never really heard too much about this product. But then again, I had drifted away from the music scene for a number of years.

Good Music Studio Management – Its Necessary Skills and Qualifications

Do you manage your own music studio? Do you encounter some problems or difficulties in studio management? Have you ever thought of resolving these issues using some innovations without wasting your time and resources?

Dance Music Producer – Easy Steps to Becoming a Top Producer

Over the years, the music people like Larry Levan and Frankie Knuckles evolved has grown has spawned new genres in Dance music. It brought hope for many enthusiasts who always wanted to create music for fun and more so for those professionally inclined.

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