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Record Label Gratification

Less than a decade ago, there was really only one way to make a living in the commercial music industry: You honed your act, sent out demo tapes and hoped that some night while playing in a club, someone in the audience was a scout for a record label. In present day reality, the gratification and potential profits of being your own record label may be more than what you think.

Record Label Attraction

As a musical artist, you are probably well aware of the fact that it is really hard to get signed by a record label, at least at first. Very few musicians just hit the stage to find instant success and land an immediate record deal and get signed.

Insanely Crazy Independent Music Promotion Ideas That Actually Work

If you are an independent musician, then I know that coming up with great music promotion ideas is one of your main goals. Gone are the days where rappers, musicians and artists have to rely solely on record deals to make the big bucks, in fact who the heck wants to right? With the rise of “The New Music Industry” the possibilities of success are literally limitless.

DIY Music Production – Setting Up Your Home Studio

6 main components you need to have a functional studio: microphones, preamps, converters, computer, monitors, and room acoustics. Read on to find out more about each component. Let’s just get straight to it! These are the main components you need to have a functional studio…

Online Beat Software – How You Too Can Produce Your Own Music Online

Are you fascinated by the beats that you get to hear in your favorite clubs, and by a favorite hip-hop artists? If you have on this sort of making your own beats a far fetched dream then think again.

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