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How to Look Major on Minor Money – A Garage Bands Guide to Style

Is your band ready for it’s big break? If yes then you can look major on minor money with a few style tips. I have a few suggestions to help a garage band get a major label look.

Preparing For An Audition

If you aren’t the person pulling the band together then you’ll likely find yourself going to auditions. Whether it’s formal and called an audition or informal and a group of guys ask you to go jam with them, they are both auditions. An audition, like a job interview, is just as important for you to determine if you like the band members as it is for the band members to know if they like you.

Drake – The Famous Name in Rap Music

Music is the ultimate source of entertain for everybody. It’s a part of human life nowadays. In fact, music is the medicine for soul. The love for musicians and singers among people is beyond limitless which clearly reflects the popularity of them and their prominence. Music is the ultimate source of entertain for everybody.

Music Maker Software To Produce Your Own Beats

Using studio gear to make your own beats can cost you $30k and up but if you want to produce quality music at an affordable price music maker software is the cheaper alternative… Have you ever thought about making your own music but assumed it would be to hard? Well in this day and age music making software makes it all to easy and you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on digital audio workstation equipment.

Hip Hop and Rap Software Explosion

With the exponential growth of Hip Hop and Rap music, there has been the closely linked growth in Hip Hop and Rap related software products. From software for making your own; or chopping other peoples beats, to Guides on Starting your own Record Label and Guides to Learning the latest Hip Hop Dance Moves.

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