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Balancing Art and Commerce in the Music Licensing Industry

When you start pursuing music as a profession, sooner or later you are confronted with reconciling the need to maintain a sense of artistic integrity with the need to pay your bills and make money. This can be tricky, because on one hand I think most musicians are drawn to writing songs and playing music because of the sense of inspiration and purity that comes with writing music.

How to Make the Right Contacts in the Music Industry

Many musicians are aware that making the right music industry contacts is highly important for achieving a successful music career. The problem is that, most musicians really don’t know ‘who’ the right music industry contacts are, where to find them, how to actually transform a ‘first contact’ into a meaningful relationship, and what ‘having the right music industry connections’ really means. Read this article to learn more.

Music Marketing Inside – 5 Tips When Subscribing to Music Promotions, Networks, Web Forums

It is rather appalling to find that music marketing articles can be written by software, people other than experts with no knowledge of the music business. Internet marketers use article spinning software to change articles minimally for higher traffic to producing spin-offs of an article. Other marketers pick a topic a day and copy information from others with no new information to share.

Undeniable – The Impact of Guitar Effects Pedals on the Music Industry

What is a guitar effects pedal, and what is the impact of guitar effects pedals on the music industry? Musicians often call them stomp boxes, and they were originally created for the electric guitar. They are electronic devises that guitar players control with their feet, (freeing their hands for playing), in order to affect the sound of the instrument.

The Best Thing That Ever Happened to the Music Industry

The internet is the greatest thing that has ever happened to the music industry. Given the current climate of the music market this is a bold statement bound cause riots and looting. Possibly a more apt statement would be something like this, the internet is the best thing that has ever happened to consumers of electronic media.

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