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How to Meet Your Favourite Rock Star and Get Their Autograph!

All of us have our favourite rock or pop star or even group that we idolise and follow. Music is a huge part of most people’s lives and musicians often have a sort of god-like persona in the eyes of the fans.

Guitar Music Theory – The Guitar Notes Master Guide to Guitar Music Theory

If you’re serious about playing the guitar well then you’ll need to learn some guitar music theory so that you can improvise solos all over the neck, transcribe tunes, learn new music quickly and write your own great songs. However, it doesn’t need to be painful or boring if you follow a few simple principles. In this guide, I’ll cover the key elements of guitar music theory that you’ll need to cover and suggest some strategies for learning them.

Indie Music Promotion – Learn How to Use an Autoresponder to Promote a Band

Would you like to discover how to use an autoresponder for your indie music promotion? Keep reading to learn how this tool can boost your indie music promotion and improve how you promote a band.

The Ins and Outs of Promoting Music Independently

One of the hardest things in indie musicianship is promoting music. This is especially so if the music that you make belongs to a very exclusive niche or the songs that you write have very sophisticated lyrics and styles. However, you can move your way in and out of the career promotion just as long as you know the right things in the business. One way to do so is to tie yourself up with a reputable entity that offers musicians entrepreneurship programs. But if you think that idea is too technical and hardcore for you, you have to know about the basic stuff first.

Making Your Own Beats is Fun and Exciting With Sonic Producer

Making your own beats is usually cumbersome, especially if you are not familiar with the big platform and sequencer. But with a power beat making software, making your own beats is never cumbersome. Thanks to Sonic Producer, the easy to use beat making software.

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