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Review Of The Best Beat Making Software Out – Dr Drum Digital Beat Making Software

Due to its intensely personal nature and the emotions that it inspires, music is an essential part of daily living around the world. In fact, past cultures like the Aztecs took their fine arts so seriously that musicians were executed if they made mistakes during performances.

Tips For Becoming a Professional Wedding Singer

Not everyone who sings professionally can or wants to win X Factor or The Voice. What’s so bad about paying the bills by singing to ordinary people at venues across the country?

How to Promote Your Music With Band Bookings

The problem of how to promote your music is one of the main challenges facing any band or musician who wants to be a success. Even when your act or material is established, building your fan base and selling your CDs or mp3s is all about exposing people to your music. Basically, if you don’t know how to promote your music, how will you get people to buy what you write or play?

How to Record Yourself Easily

Tired of depending on your Engineer to stop by the studio and record you? Maybe your engineer doesn’t understand how to record you or how to help guide and assist you during a recording session?

What Is the Rap Industry?

Everybody uses the terms “the rap music industry”, “the music business”, “the music industry”, etc… but I always asked myself, what exactly are they talking about? Do some think it’s some door that only certain ones can find? Is it a key that one must first give you? Or does some type of Music Industry God comes down and blesses you first??? Then you are in?

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