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Creditability – It Is More Than Just Good Grammar, Dictation, Debate, and Teleprompter Readings

Not long ago, I was in Beverly Hills, CA at the Starbucks in the old Wilson’s House of Suede building; it’s directly across from Sony Music. There I met and up-and-coming hip hop music writer and he told me that so often the Rap Artists lost credibility with the industry due to their improper use of grammar when it wasn’t necessary at all, it’s just that they had never developed good grammar skills, and that’s where he came in, as he was able to take their song, rewrite it without diminishing the words or the beat with strong use of the English language and perfect grammar.

Steps To Setting Up Your Home Studio

When setting up a room keep in mind the ancillary noise e.g. screaming children from next door or delivery trucks backing up a driveway. Rooms with wooden floors and tiles can add a natural echo to your recordings and prevent “dead” and muffled sounds.

What Is A Music Copyright?

Music Copyrights can be very complicated. hopefully after reading this article you will have a clear understanding of what a music copyright is and how it works.

How To Choose an Effective Name For Your Record Label

The primary step you will need to take in starting up a prosperous record label is to select a company name. This really is an essential process.

Special Lamps for Grand Pianos

Believe it or not, there are lamps that are specially made for use on grand and baby grand pianos. These lamps provide the correct amount of light and focus the light directly on the music – where you need it the most. The shades on these lamps are long and thin – so they disperse the light along the entire length of the open music book or sheet music, making it easy to see all of the pages on the music desk (the music desk is the platform that holds the music on a piano – both grand and upright…

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