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Why I Don’t Care About Audio Equipment (And Other Good Stuff From AES)

I had a blast, meeting up with people. Listening to Grammy winning engineers talk about their craft and partying in legendary studios.

How to Overcome Your Audio Fears

Some of you readers might have remembered when my MacBook broke a while back. Man, some of you even helped me purchase my new one.

Are You Telling Yourself These 10 Audio Production Lies?

There are so many things we engineers say to ourselves about our audio production that simply aren’t true. We’re trying to justify some shortcoming we have, and we usually end up lying to ourselves instead of fixing the situation.

What All-Father Odinn Can Teach You About Audio Production

I’m a big fan of the Norse gods. In fact, back in 1000 AD, Iceland converted to Christianity, but everyone who wanted to keep swearing (that’s their bad-ass way of praying) to the Norse gods could do it as long as they did it in secrecy.

Who Wins the Fight For Great Recording: The Rich Kid or the Resourceful Intern?

In the battle for great recording. Who will win: the rich kids with all the nice gear, or the resourceful and educated intern?

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