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Cheap Voice Overs Hiring Solutions

Price is important when employing a cheap voice overs artist, but it is not even close to everything. There are more elements to consider which might be just as crucial such as the quality of their finished product, dependability, ease of communication and confidence in them. In fact, employing a voice over artist that is too inexpensive can actually cost your company more income and headache in the end.

Olly Murs Australian Story In 2008

An interesting true story about just what created the sensational career of UK top singer Olly Murs. I analyse his 24th year in detail using my unique ‘Life Cycles’ theory. I also use his own words to confirm the match of his life to my ‘Year of Revolution’. This is both a tribute article and an exploration into just how life works.

Do Your Own Mixing and Mastering – Pros and Cons

A lot of people think that with the technology these days that just anyone can mix and master their own projects from home without hiring a professional company to do the work for them. It is true that someone can mix and master and still come out with a nice but there are some disadvantages of not using a professional company.

Discovering New Music

Music is a basic element of everyday life. Whether on the radio or in that dirty and slightly awkward elevator, it illuminates the world. There is a massive collection waiting to be discovered.

How To Sell Beats – 3 Tips For Selling Beats Online

Do you want to sell more beats? Are you thinking about creating your own beat selling website? Are you a new producer that wants to know how to get more exposure to your beats? If so, then these tips will be beneficial to your beat selling success.

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