Now That’s What I Call Power Ballads– Scorpions, Bon Jovi, The Eagles, Aerosmith, U2, Led Zeppelin

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The Music Producer

Music production in itself is an art and is usually unknown to the listening public. The majority of people who listen to music do have their favorite artists and bands, but few dig deep enough to see who is responsible for the song and the overall sound of the record. Have you ever listened to a record and got drawn into the emotions of the record, so much so that you could actually feel what the artist is feeling at the time they recorded it.

How to Be a Music Producer

I often hear people say ‘How Do I Become A Music Producer’. To be honest being a music producer is something you have to try and if it sounds good there is a fair chance it could be for you and you are the next big thing. There are many elements to being a Music Producer and technical things you should learn about.

Major Players in Music Gear Industry

The article speaks about the various brands of music gear, and their products. The best features of the products are also included.

Prospects of US Music Gear Industry

The Music gear industry plays an important role in framing the music industry in US. And with the technological growth more advanced and yet compact equipments came into existence.

How to Start an Independent Record Label and Get Artists to Sign With Your Label

Most rock musicians dream of getting a deal with a major record label. They create their demo CD’s, gather up their pics and bios and send ’em off with high hopes. Problem is, it can take months and even years before a record label notices a new act. There’s no doubt that most rock bands don’t want to wait around for success, they want it now. Some industrious musicians are creating their own successful record labels.

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