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Differences in the Resources That School and Studio Music Teachers Need

Music teachers here have a lesson plan to follow as well as a schedule on when to tackle the certain lessons. To make these lesson plans, they need resources to prepare how they would present the subject matters.

This Holiday Season, Music Industry Should Look to Games

Ever since Napster went mainstream in 1999 (wow, a whole decade ago), the music industry – both artists and record labels – have been unable to escape the vicious tailspin caused by P2P software. Not since the incandescent light bulb left wax makers in the dark has a new technology so swiftly decimated an entire industry

The First Rule of Starting an Independent Record Label

It seems as if everyone has the American (Day)Dream of owning a record label, discovering and/or becoming famous stars, and making millions of dollars while being adored by an equal amount of screaming fans. That’s a beautiful dream indeed that can become a reality with today’s affordable technology along with an unwavering dedication to pursuing one’s passion.

How Publishing Your Own Songs and Music Yourself Can Help Prevent and Fight Copyright Theft

Publishing your own Songs: The Rise and Rise of New, 21st Century Ways for Songwriters to Instantly Publish and Copyright Songs, Music and Lyrics On-Line is proving more popular every day. Creative musicians are no longer prepared to wait for weeks (and sometimes months) to receive registry of copyright. Online Self-Publishing Companies are now offering simple, fast, efficient methods of publishing and copyrighting material effectively and legally using the Internet.

Music Studio Marketing

Music Studio Marketing is about presentation. From the way you present yourself and your skills, to the “look and feel” of your studio. Marketing is about style; yours and the style of your clientele.

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