Now That What I Call Powers Ballads – The Eagle, GNR, Nirvana, Scorpions, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith

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Unsigned Artists – Success with No Record Label

Unsigned artists have a greater chance of success today than ever before. On one hand, composing and performing songs without the shadow of a struggling record label hanging overhead leaves musicians free to express themselves instinctively from the soul. On the other, it requires a lot of work behind the scenes, but can offer can offer greater rewards in return.

Band Merchandise – Promote and Support your Music

The rewards of creating music range from the deep satisfaction of writing a new song to the glowing pride of a successful performance. These feelings bolster our confidence, but do little to compensate for the financial investment often tied to making music. While selling your music via CDs and downloads is a good start, you should also consider investing in band merchandise to promote your band and cover the cost of instruments, rehearsal spaces, recording equipment and more.

Starting a Record Label

You’re a good musician, and maybe you have a nice demo or even a full album worth of material, but what do you do with it now? Maybe you’ve sent your music to record labels and faced that cold rejection. Most of the time you never hear back at all.

Using the Indie Social Community Websites to Promote Your Music

MyIndie Rocks – Are you a new up and coming Indie band struggling to make it big? Well look no further the answer lies on the Indie Social Network Community where fans and band members come together.

Band Promotion – Free Music Marketing

Band promotion and music marketing doesn’t have to cost you a lot. In fact, some of the best ways to promote your band are free or very low cost. Here are some quick and easy ways you can do free (or very low cost) music marketing that should bring back big results.

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