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How To Find Music Industry Work While Writing Your Own Songs

A word to the rock music writer and musician: most people who work full-time in the music industry are not actually recording stars. Instead, these individuals have found occasional jobs that take hold of their talent and produce a steady source of income. These people, typically, write jingles and arrange music.

Don’t Ever Forget It’s the Music Business

Eleven years ago, my music career collapsed. After a moderately successful 20 year run, and for reasons I did not understand at the time, I had to face the reality that it was time to get a job in the…REAL WORLD! Over the course of the following years working my way up the corporate ladder, I discovered why I failed in the music business, why most musicians will fail and that the “Real World” of business offers a wealth of information helpful to every musician working to build a long-term, successful music career.

What Type of Microphone Is Best For You?

Beyond mixing great tunes and sounds for your crowd, you also need to communicate with them with your voice. A good DJ microphone can improve your speech sound so you don’t sound like your mouth is full of marbles when you talk. Your show is only as good as your sound!

Survival Kit for the Gigging Musician

Whatever music you play, performing in public can present unique challenges when you least expect it. Being prepared for the unexpected could make the difference between a fantastic performance for you, and your audience, or a gig to forget. So here’s a reminder of what to have in your gigging toolkit…..

Backstage Stories – A Day In His Life in Beaver Creek, Colorado

I was on the road with my friends’ band, Working Class Hero; The John Lennon Tribute, in a show I wrote for them called, A Day In His Life. We were set to perform in Beaver Creek, Colorado, a ways from Vail, in a beautiful theater that was under an ice skating rink set in an outdoor shopping mall.

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