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What Are the Essential Ingredients of Great Music Production?

How do you take your great idea for a song and create an awesome music production out of it? I mean, from a few simple chords to a full-blown production, that’s kind of hard to wrap your head around isn’t it?

How to Record a Punchy and Powerful Bass Guitar

Getting a juicy bass sound is something we all want right? We want a tight bass sound that’s thick and deep but still has definition and punchiness. You can either record bass directly, via a DI box, or you can mic up the bass cabinet. Some engineers rely only on DI to get their sound, dismissing the cabinet entirely. But others like the combination of the DI’d signal with the miked up cab.

What Can the Cheshire Cat Teach You About Music Production?

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory.” -Sun Tzu. If you don’t plan your recording, mixing, or mastering session, then you’ll have a much harder time getting to your destination. Like the Cheshire Cat says to Alice when she asks him to help her get to her destination.

Is Your DAW Making You Lazy?

Digital Audio Workstations are wonderful things. They’re one-stop shops. They have every processor and synth patch you need to produce your next track.

What to Look for in Good Beat Maker Software?

The vast advancements in technology and the internet have made music accessible to a wider audience. The following article focuses on various beat maker software.

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