Nirvana, Scorpions, Bon Jovi, U2, GNR – Slow Rock & Rock Ballads Greatest Hits 70’s 80’s 90’s

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Record Labels – The Two Biggest Myths

There are certain stories you hear in life that have no substance of truth. In a fast paced industry like the Music Business many people can be misled by the wrong information.

A Short History Of The Electric Guitar

The history of the electric guitar is quite an interesting thing, because it is all so recent, and current in fact! Starting with the blues, many modern guitarists have developed the instrument and the various styles of playing into what they are today.

How to Stream Your Band’s Music on Your Website

More and more bands are building their own promotional websites. However, music fans are accustomed to listening to streaming music on the built-in players on musician’s social media profiles. To help artists better please their fans, let’s look at the process involved in streaming your band’s music on your official website.

The Changing Environment in the Music Industry

Most of the musicians in today’s music industry were taught by others who lived when talent and blood, sweat and tears were all you needed to survive. You practiced hard enough and learned your scales fast enough, and someone magically came by your practice room with a check to whisk you off to a land of milk and honey. Those days are gone and have been for some time.

Improve Your Production Skills – Three Easy To Remember Things

I have worked with a lot of musicians and many have been talented but some totally crumbled when music theory was mentioned, or when they were writing a great song they got stuck and did not know where to go or did not know what was wrong with the song, though they knew something was wrong. When you are working on music, whether it be writing or producing, image will never cover any problems up and nor will the latest equipment with flashing lights. You need to concentrate on the song writing and production before you think about an image. You best get these in the right order or you will just look like another fool.

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