New Indie Music | February 2021 Playlist

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Takamine Guitars: High Quality, Low Price

Every now and again you find an acoustic guitar that meets all your expectations for a quality made instrument; Takamine guitars do exactly that. From the Shadow of Mt. Takamine What began as a small family business in Sakasita, Japan in the 1960’s has grown beyond anyone’s wildest dreams, with some of the most famous guitarists on the planet lining up to purchase their limited edition models.

Make Industry Sounding Beats In 10 Steps

Making Industry quality beats in not as hard as one might think. There are only about 10 things that you need to be focused on when making industry sounding beats.

When You Get a Partner – Your Songwriting Success Becomes Easier

Even the song writing figures have never missed the importance of partnership as a means to get more done with a less – less effort. Taking the time necessary to locate the perfect match is far more crucial and can be sometimes breathe taking, especially if you’re new in the industry. Nonetheless, it does worth the effort. We all need a partner for, at least, the mutual benefit.

In the Studio With Future Sound of London’s Garry Cobain

Seminal studio musicians Future Sound of London have been at the heart of some of the biggest movements in 80s and 90s electronic music. Here, co-founding member Garry Cobain offers some refreshing advice for producers and musicians today, and discusses their innovative to composition.

Tony Hertz: Wise Words From a Brand Sound Sage

When we think of our five senses, sight instantly comes to mind as being the most important. We’re not the only ones who think that; brands all over the world rely heavily on sight with the use of large, captivating logos, with varieties of colors.

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