Michael Bolton, Air Supply, Lionel,.Bon Jovi, Scorpions, … – Now That What I call Powers Ballads

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Create Your Own Record Label Business Plan

With the increasing popularity of ‘indie musicians’ and their variety of record labels, many individuals are starting to think seriously about creating their own record label. While this might sound like a fun and relaxed adventure at first sight, creating a record label is much more like creating any other business; the first thing you need is a solid business plan to ensure that everything goes smoothly and that you are not forgetting any major or minor details. To redact your record label business plan effectively, they are a few points that you need to think through and develop; audience, associations, distributors and promotion.

The Two Ways Music Gets Licensed

Today I want to cover a topic that has been on my mind a lot lately. As I see it, there are primarily two ways music is being licensed into projects currently. The two ways can be defined as passive and active.

DJ Subwoofers Placement – Where To Place Your Subs For Maximum Power

A newbie DJ or a DJ who is serious about majorly improving their game is always tweaking their performance and their equipment. A lot of the improvements will come from simply “being out there and kicking it”, but there is also a lot to be learned from seasoned DJs…

How to Be a Hip Hop Honey

The coolest thing about hip hop modeling is that rap video vixens come in all shapes and sizes. In the vast majority of the modeling world, they’re really only looking for a very specific type of girl…

Beginner DJ Setup – Your Choice Of Active Vs Passive Speakers

Many a budding new DJ is faced with a decision between acquiring active set of speakers and passive set. In this brief article we will explain the difference, and present advantages and disadvantages of active speakers and passive speakers…

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