“lost” – indie rock instrumental

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Can You Really Make Good Money As a Music Producer Today in 2014?

Let’s be honest today in 2014 there are thousands of music producers online all working towards the same common goal. To make money and possibly even a living off being creative and selling their beats. You may be a very DOPE producer but here’s the reality of it.

Which Social Media Network Is Best for Promoting Your Music?

Social media has become not only one of many but the MAIN resource when it comes to promoting yourself and your music. A big question a lot of artists have is which one is best when it comes down to marketing and promotion?

Keeping Up With The Knowles-Carters, Or Nah

Fast-rising rapper Kendrick Lamar shuns conspicuous consumption in favor of a more secure financial future. He sets a great, if unusual, example.

How to Record Music: Everything That You Ever Wanted to Know

You need to learn how to record music if you want to get your name out there. It is extremely important to get a demo of your music out to the record studios in order for you to begin your musical journey.

The Current State of Our Music Culture

The Grunge Era was in full swing when I started really getting into music as a kid. It was a movement and many of those bands have stood the test of time. Before that the 80s had the Hair Band movement and Thrash Metal.

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