London Grammar – America (The Man In The High Castle Version)

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Little Known Ways to Add Punch to Your Drum Sound

How else are people going to notice? Beginners often struggle with making their drums sound punchy and powerful but don’t know where to start or how to accomplish that tight produced drum sound that they hear in their head (or on other records.) A few different techniques can be used when you just can’t seem to figure out how to make that drum track sound great.

The Secret Behind Successful Sound Engineering Jobs

Nailing those sound engineering jobs in this competitive industry is incredibly hard. Everybody can buy some music recording equipment and start their home recording studio. But does that necessarily mean that they have what it takes to become an actual sound engineer?

How to Beat the Fear of Filtering

You read about equalization boosts and cuts in every trade magazine or audio blog online. They all tell you to boost and cut various frequencies in order to make the instrument sound better. I’ve written a fair amount about the subject myself. But if there is one aspect of equalizing that is considered taboo, then it is the art of filtering.

The Only Music Mixing Tips You’ll Ever Need

It’s easy to get a good mix going if you have a set idea of what you’re trying to accomplish. Going from one action to another can quickly create a chaotic music mixing situation.

An Easy Way to Choose the Right Reverb

What should you think about when choosing the right space for you song? Even though you have a favorite sounding reverb it might not work for that alternative FolkTronica act that you just recorded. Think about the tempo of the song If you are working with a fast tempo song that needs to come across clearly and well defined, mucking it up with long reverbs will just make the mix sound cluttered.

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