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Bootstrapping Your Drum Sound Part II – Recording Drums in Your Living Room

Recording drums in a living room environment poses some challenges. I recorded 6 tracks for an upcoming EP over the weekend and they came out pretty good if I say so myself.

5 Ways to Consistently Record Great Audio

Recording can be a stressful task if you’ve just started. There’s so many techniques and things to think about that it can quickly overload your brain before you even press that REC button.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Gig

A live show is where most of your exposure as a band happens. Even though you’ll reach more fans in the long run on the internet, it’s the live show that gets your potential fans in the same room as you.

7 Live Sound Tips for a Better Mixing Experience

Live sound mixing is a bit different than studio mixing. It’s all happening in the now and there’s no undo or a chance to do another take. It’s more stressful but at the same time can be very rewarding if everything works out.

When Is It Smarter to Send or Insert When Mixing Music?

When you’re mixing music there are two ways to affect the audio you are working with. Whatever your processor does there are two ways to make it work on a signal. Either by using it as a send effect, or as an insert.

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