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5 Rules of Successful MySpace Music Promotion

The music and recording industry is overcrowded. Hundreds of demos make their way into the mail rooms of the big recording studios every day. Very few of these demos will ever lead to profitable recording contracts because the big record company executives know that they have recording artists over the barrel.

The Digital Domain Now Has Changed the Face of the Music Industry

The digital domain has forever changed the face of music and how people do business in the music industry. Not very long ago in the scheme of things there were clearly written and defined lines about the rules in the music industry. Songwriters wrote the songs, the Artist and Repertoire men in a recording studio then picked up these songs.

Music Industry Contacts – How Important Are They in the Music World?

In today’s music world, it is hard to know ‘Who’s who’. Everybody out there is trying to look like they are the most important person in the music industry. It is important for you not to fall predators to these fake people who promise you success and fame, they are there only to extort money from you and leave you nowhere. So, it is important to know the right people who can actually help you and provide you with the break you have been looking for.

Sonic Producer Music Making Product

Sonic producer is an unbelievably good deal of a computer/online beat-making machine. It is very revolutionary. Really, it was only a matter of time before someone finally put all of the electronic pieces of the recording and producing puzzle together in order for anyone anywhere to make their own amazing music.

The Best Way to Promote Your Music Online For Free

If your band is seeking to make a break into the competitive world of the recording industry, getting your name out into the public eye can often be very difficult. Recording studios rarely sign contracts with unknown bands because the music industry operates on popularity. If a band isn’t achieving some level of local success, then the big record companies assume that they just aren’t what the listening public is interested in hearing. To break this cycle, many bands are turning to online media as a method of promoting their music and building their fan base. If your band is trying to make a name for itself, online promotion of your music can be your best option.

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