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The Hippest Rehearsal in America – My Day With The Soul Train Music Awards’ House Band

Halloween started off with a great treat! Read as I detail the behind the scenes of the Soul Train Music Awards 2014 band rehearsal on October 31, in Los Angeles.

How to Build a Home Studio to Become A Hip-Hop Producer

How would you like to build your own home computer based recording studio to create hip-hop beats? This article would give you the elements you need to do just that.

5 Good Reasons Why a Singer or a Band Needs an Artist Manager

Among most musicians and artists, a portrait of an artist or a music manager would probably have him looking much similar to Tom Cruise’ role in the movie Jerry McGuire. He may not necessarily have Tom’s good looks but he’d have the same energetic, on-the-go and very much driven qualities that help his client (football player character of Cuba Gooding Jr.) have a happy ending in his rough world of professional football. That would be a fair picture.

Dendrochronology and Fine Violins

Dendrochronology is the act of analyzing tree ring patterns in wood in order to determine the wood’s age. Dendrochronology has been used for many years in scientific research like geography and archeology. Dendrochronology can also be used to determine when a wooden instrument was made. Historians, auction houses and even high-end violin appraisers utilize dendrochronology to determine the quality and age of fine violins, violas, and cellos.

How To Choose The Best Microphone For Your Voice

When it comes to choosing the best microphone for your voice it can be a never ending search. With a little bit of knowledge, it can be much easier. Figure out how to bring Justice to your voice.

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