Jivaros Quartet – Near The Noise (1989) Post Punk, Indie Rock – Switzerland

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FKA Twigs: 10 Things You Should Know About UK’s Up and Coming Singer

FKA Twigs is an up and coming singer from the UK who is very talented and eclectic. Here are 10 fun facts about FKA Twigs, also known as the girlfriend of Twilight star Robert Pattinson.

How to Get Your Music Featured on Music Blogs

Finding quality promotion can be a daunting and sometimes overwhelming task for new artists who have only just begun to get a grasp on how to build their brand while remaining truthful to themselves and their music. Often artists are tempted to do anything they can to get their music heard by more people but most of the time, the practices they engage in end up having quite an undesired effect.

Let’s Get Radio Ready: Tips for the Indie Artist To Get On FM Frequencies

Getting music played on the radio can be a trying task for the Indie Artist. This article gives tips on how to increase chances of getting music played on FM frequencies.

Audio Mixer Signal Paths, Routing and Grouping

Much of the mixer’s power lies in its ability to interrupt, route and re-route signals for practical or creative purposes. Each channel strip has a pan control, allowing a sound to be ‘positioned’ between the left and right speakers, replicating instruments’ locations on a (virtual) soundstage. To achieve this, each channel’s output is divided into two ‘left’ and ‘right’ outputs behind the scenes. If a pan control is set fully left, the right side’s gain will be reduced, and output of the left side will be raised by a certain amount to compensate for the overall drop in level (usually +3dB).

Recording and Selling Music 101

We discuss the physical, economic, and legal challenges of the recorded-music business. In short, there are only two ways to increase profits. One is to sell greater quantities and the other is to decrease production costs.

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