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Stultz and Bauer: The Tale of Two Piano Makers

This is a short story of two entrepreneur piano makers Henry Stultz and Frederick Bauer. Stultz seemed to have one hardship after another, while Bauer seemed to be stable throughout his career and successfully grew his business. Established in 1882 Henry Stultz Sr.

Allmendinger: A Reed Organ Success Story

David Allmendinger founded the Ann Arbor Organ Works in 1872 in his home on the northwest corner of Washington and First Streets in Anne Arbor, Michigan. The four story building is still there today. Allmendinger specialized in the making of Reed Organs.

Baumeister Piano Company: First US Woman Piano Maker Suffers Through Fires and Lawsuits

Charles Baumeister was an experienced piano maker who was born in 1844 in Frankfurt, Germany who had moved to the United States around 1867 with his wife Ida. In 1884 he partners with Augustus Baus (a clerk with the Behning Piano Company) to start manufacturing pianos under the Baus name. Being very inventive, he filed several patents for the designs of their pianos in 1885.

How to Pick a Great Band Name

There’s a crowd of know-it-alls out there trying to tell you how to come up with a band name. Screw them, they don’t know anything. Band names are like art – someone is going to love it and others are going to hate it. Here’s why you should listen to me.

Unique Hazards to Pianos in Knoxville Tennessee – Mold, Mildew, Humidity, Storage Units and Pests

Knoxville Tennessee, where I live, has an interesting climate as far as pianos go. The humidity is quite variable and extreme and can wreak havoc on a piano. I have been keeping track of the humidity for about 2 years now, and I have been amazed how variable it is.

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