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The Music Industry Is in a Stand Still – Old Bands Play New Shows – Who Will Be the Next Big Sound?

In interviewing lead singer Jeffrey Michael III from Aggitated Pearl, Jeffrey discloses his thoughts on the Music Industry today and what the future holds for them. In an attempt to find the next new big, world changing sound I thought I would start with Aggitated Pearl. Many people that are affiliated with the music industry today do think it is in a stand still and nothing new is truly coming forward like the “Grunge days” from Nirvana to Candlebox.

Five Music Industry Myths That Damage Your Music Career

Do you want to advance in your music career at a quicker pace? Don’t make the mistake of buying into these music industry myths.

The Summer Of Love – Exploring The Sergeant Pepper Album

It Was 50 Years Ago… When I first saw the cover of the Sergeant Pepper album, I was stunned. I loved the poster, and the fact that you now had all the words on the back cover so you could follow along. The Beatles were the first to do that!

Why Most Musicians Don’t Get A Record Deal

Tons of musicians fail to get record deals because they build careers based on myths about the music industry. Don’t make their same mistakes. Educate yourself about the music business and focus on building personal value to offer to music companies.

Paul McCartney and Wings: Back To The Egg

A whimper of a last record, uninterestingly bland, sandwiched between the worthier peaks of the low-key brilliance of ‘London Town’ and the eccentric and esoteric ‘McCartney II’. Too old hat for new wave, too safe for Beatlelites and simply too plodding for any interested buyers beside collectivists. Its not the weakest of Wings’ catalogue ( it has one or two moments, ‘Wild Life’ had none), but its definitely no champion either.

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