Japanese indie/rock songs you need to listen right now [REUPLOAD]

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Artists, Don’t Let Your Ego Limit Your Opportunities

f you speak to an indie, DIY, or unsigned artist about his or her music career strategy, it’s surprising how many artists that don’t know how they are going to achieve success. Somehow, despite having a plan, they believe that fame and fortune will come knocking at their doors. Alarming as this may sound, it is true of most.

Who Writes the Songs? Why Some Bands Are Singing the Blues

Bands need to think seriously about the issue of songwriting credits and song ownership. A band partnership agreement will cover this and is a key factor in the long-term survival of any group.

Tessane’s Dream

This is about the winner of Season 5 of The Voice; a blogger’s perspective on her performance. Ultimately a comparison with the greats, and the show’s impact on her life for the future.

The Guide on Getting Free Beats From Producers

Yes it can indeed be done! This is coming from a producer, so you can trust me when I tell you, it is more than possible to get, not only free beats, but good free beats from producers. Here are a couple of ways to sway them into giving you free beats.

Boss Major Salute: Hustler, Lover, and Brooklyn Representer

New rapper from Brooklyn, Boss Major Salute, has many different sides. Read about how they transfer into his music.

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