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6 Reasons Why Your Music Could Be Rejected For Radio Airplay And How To Fix It

So you’ve finally put together those great tracks of music and it’s time to tell the world and get some radio airplay. But wait! Before you start promoting your latest creation please read this article and save yourself from unnecessary work and disappointment.

Why You Still Aren’t A Pro Musician And What To Do To Become One Fast

Learn what you need to do to become a professional musician. Read this article and start building a successful music career.

Why Modern Commercial Music Is So Bad

It isn’t just “old people” saying, “What’s wrong with music today?” Commercial, mainstream music’s quality and originality is at an all-time low. Here’s one music fan’s opinion as to why.

5 Ways To Be Prepared When Using A Mastering Studio

When you record your own music you have visions of hitting it big and becoming the next musical sensation. You write some songs, get your band together, and capture your musical vision that you hope to hype to a major recording executive.

The Difference Between Selling Records and Standing Out!

If you are a musician looking to get serious plays and recognition. There is a solution that will bump up your sales.

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