Indie Rock x Alternative Rock Type Beat – “Twisted”

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Song Writing Magic That Makes a Hit

It is no doubt that several books, article, and authors have lay more emphasis on the use and importance of words. Words have sometimes makes us cry, laugh and even sober. It has sometimes make us happy. However, it is important to word your lyrics carefully for a better performance in the market.

4 Types of Acoustic Guitars

Music is a source of entertainment to most people all over the world today. There are a massive variety of instruments that are used to produce fine music and one of the most popular, especially in the west, is the guitar.

Top 20 Everly Brothers Hits

A breakup that lasted ten years without the Everly Brothers ever speaking to each other nearly ended their career. Read their amazing story and see how many of their twenty biggest hits you remember.

3 Easy Ways To Make Your Band Really Famous!

Forming a band for some people has not been challenging because most of them are friends who started singing from way back, and simply followed their dreams. Of course, there are several challenges they face and some give up along the way, maybe due to financial problems or choosing to pursue other career paths. If your band is still standing strong in the music industry, then kudos!

3 Benefits of Using Free Beats For Your Upcoming Album

It’s not easy being an artist these days. To create an entire Album can cost upwards of $500 dollars or more and that’s if it’s cheap. You have to purchase studio time, buy beats, and get your songs copyrighted.

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