INDIE ROCK Type Instrumental “Mystery” GORILLAZ Type Beat

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Fret Board Wood – Ebony, Rosewood, or Maple

What fret board wood should I have on my guitar? what is the best wood species for a guitar fret board, is it Ebony, Rosewood, or Maple. The answer is; it depends on what sound and aesthetics you are seeking.

How to Find the Right Concert Venues

It can be difficult to find the right concert venues if you’ve never been through the town. Thankfully, there are some tips to help you find the right spot.

Who Killed Indie Rock?

Where is the new fresh music? Has Indie and Alternative Music died? Has the very tools that made recording more affordable actually killed off the people that technology could most help?

4 Tips to Keep in Mind While Looking for a Mastering Professional

After recording a song, it requires necessary polishing and perfection. There may be chances of external noise as well as voice modulations that may make the song uneasy to the ears. Mastering is something that comes to aid. A great singer along with a combination of good music can make a great musical composition

A Sound Engineer’s Priorities In the Post-Production Room

Are you a sound engineer working at home or in the studio? Whatever the case, even if you have the rarest, most expensive outboard studio equipment, all these will be useless – if nothing is done to prioritize room acoustics in a post-production space. A sound engineer requires an objective listening environment to make important decisions in his work. In this article, we will look at some common acoustic problems that occur in audio post-production spaces, and explore several ways to solve them.

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