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Do These Two Things If You Want to Promote Your Music Successfully

People often ask how they can get their music noticed. It’s a great question. Getting your music heard is not hard, but getting it noticed is. There is, however, a clear way to achieve your goal and get your music heard and noticed.

Should Rappers Learn to Produce Their Own Beats?

Today it is so easy to get a laptop download a crack version of a beat making software and start making beats. A lot of producers are doing it and now a lot of rappers see how easy it is and are taking the same route. Is there a problem with this? Absolutely NOT if you look at some the biggest artist to make history a lot of them have done just that.

How to Get Your Music Heard by an A and R

With today’s over saturated music business, a lot of artist/producers want to know how to get the big players, the gatekeepers to listen to their music and HOPEFULLY sign them or cut them a check. If that’s something you’re trying to do I can honestly tell you for myself it’s all about the way you market YOURSELF. Jay z said it best “I’m not a businessman, I’m a business man.”

Music Distribution for Independent Musicians, Artists, and Labels

So you’re trying to find major distribution for your recently released CD? Good for you, but I hate to be the bearer of not so great news. I have multiple calls on a daily basis from indie artists and indie labels looking for major retail and digital distribution for their latest CD release or in the case of independent record labels, their artist’s latest releases.

How To Choose The Best Online Distributor For Your Music

The things you should pay attention to when choosing an online distributor for your music. How to sell your music online and get paid regularly.

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