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Hiring an Affordable and Excellent Band

Selecting the perfect wedding band Manchester is important. You want them to sound great and to play songs you and your guests will enjoy. You want them to be pleasant to work with and listen to your needs. You also need them be available and to be affordable. Checking into all of it early is important. Otherwise, you may be in a crunch to make a decision.

This Is The Only Way To Start A Record Label

In recent times digital distribution has brought a new light to the distribution of music in the world at large making record labels a strong bedrock and foundation to distribute the songs of young talented individuals. Creating your own record label today is not a very difficult task when you are able to get your hands on good music and a loyal group of people willing to share and distribute your songs on all their social media platform, we usually call this group a fan base. You don’t necessarily need to have a bank…

Tribute Artists and Variety Acts for Parties

When the party needs a little something more… What would you do? Hire a tribute artist or variety act, and bring on the laughter! That’s what I would do.

All Things Must Pass (1970)

“That was the great thing about splitting up: to be able to go off and make my own record… And also to be able to record with all these new people, which was like a breath of fresh air”. Though each Beatle would release a solo album by the end of 1970, none did so as promptly or as successfully as George Harrison did, his triple album a liberation half a decade in the making, Harrison’s best work and an album worthy of the best of Lennon and McCartney. A colossal who’s who of musicians (Eric Clapton, Ringo Starr, Bobby Keys, Klaus Voorman, Billy Preston and the members of Badfinger were among the musicians that played over the vinyl’s six sides), it proved cerebral and commercial; ‘My Sweet Lord’ the first no.1 hit any solo Beatle had yet enjoyed.

The DDP Mastering Format Explained

CD sales might be on the decline but there still plenty of musicians needing masters ready for CD duplication. The format of choice is a DDP which stands for Disc Description Protocol. Everything you need to know is explained here…

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