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Beef Up Your Music Press Kit

In this article, the author, explains in explicit detail, every aspect and element of putting together a professional music press kit (EPK) that will attract music industry a big way. All the details, graphics, and pertinent information that is 100% necessary for a professional presentation is provided in detail.

Why Facebook Boost Posts Are Terrible For Promoting Your Music

A lot of musicians are literally throwing their money down the drain. I’m not talking about that awesome new guitar pedal you just bought… instead I’m talking about Facebook boost posts.

Barbershop Harmony: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Quality barbershop harmony should be experienced by all. Those who participate in the singing the rich, barbershop-style harmonies, become hooked, and there’s no turning back.

How To Build A Solid Foundation As A Guitar Player

Most aspiring guitarists give up their dream of becoming a guitarist as they have scant knowledge about learning a guitar. The first and foremost thing which an aspiring guitarist should have while he approaches the guitar is a positive attitude. Most guitar players lose the plot midway since they think that they are not good enough or they do not have those innate qualities which can make them a successful guitarist.

The Real Reason Why Facebook Ads “Don’t Work” For Musicians

One common thing that I hear a lot from musicians is “I used Facebook ads once and it didn’t really work for me.” And that’s common for a lot businesses not just musicians. But as musicians we’re not selling a solution to a problem like a dentist, or a lawyer. So we have to go about marketing music differently.

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