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What Really Is It That Captivates the Audience in Rock Music?

Rock music plays an important and powerful role in our lives. A life without its harmonies and melodies would prove empty. Listening to rock helps to relax and de-stress.

Top 20 Four Tops Hits

The Four Tops spent over four decades together and never changed personnel. Read their amazing story on how they escaped death and enjoy a look at their 20 biggest hits. How many do you remember?

Make It Your Own – Tips on Covering a Popular Song

While covering a popular song may seem as easy as picking a song, learning the chords, and playing it, in reality, there’s more to it than that. With some thought and a few practical tips, you can easily turn a “good” cover into a “great” cover!

The Rhythm Source Still Flowing Free

Rhythm and Blues music is originated in 1948 and now a very popular form of music. Many music artist are no opting this music genre as their career option.

Looking For A Record Deal?

Are you looking for a record deal? Here are some of the basics you need to know.

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