Indie Rock Compilation March 2021

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Indie Music Marketing in 2014

As technology advances, musicians must learn to adapt to the ever changing environment. Using social media and cost cutting tips can help build awareness and increase the chances of living out your dream.

How You Will Become A Successful Pro Musician

Are you ready to begin pursuing your dream of becoming a professional musician? Do you look forward to the day when you can finally leave your trivial day job to work full time in the music industry writing songs, putting out albums and touring with your band? I totally understand, because I was once in the same exact place you are in right now!

Miley Cyrus – A Proper Step Taken In An Improper Way

When talking about branding, most experts stress on the word – consistency. A person carrying a brand image is expected to deliver it consistently almost every day and in everything they do.

How to Prepare Yourself for Studio Recording Sessions: Vocalists

It is extremely important for all musicians and vocalists to be prepared when getting ready for upcoming studio sessions. With the right preparation the session should go smoothly and be a great experience for all involved. Failing to prepare can and usually does lead to more stress and work than would be otherwise required. This article is written with vocalist in mind but some of the tips are equally valuable to drummers, guitarists, bassists and all recording musicians.

The Vocal Recording Process

Vocal tracks are the part of a song which everyone remembers, to the general music listening public they are the most important element in a piece of music. This article is written to give you a bit of an insight into how vocals are recorded and techniques used to arrange them.

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