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The St. Lucia Jazz Festival: Come for the Music, Stay for the Adventure

The annual St. Lucia Jazz Festival, ranked number one in the top five festivals in the world list by E! Entertainment, occurs each spring on St. Lucia Island. This popular Caribbean yachting destination is where mega yachts and dinghies intermingle in the bay, where the rich and famous can be seen on the golf courses, the hiking trails, and the restaurants and clubs. Come to the island for the music, stay for the adventure.

The Lazy Mixing Engineer’s Guide to Mastering

If mixing is an art, then mastering is voodoo magic. Mastering is often considered this taboo thing. Everybody knows that it needs to be done, but no one is quite sure how to do it. It supposedly makes your song sound better and louder, but for some reason you need a specialist that is sensitive and experienced in hearing all the nuances of your mix instead of doing it yourself.

Top 10 Guitar Mixing Techniques

There’s always space to learn more guitar mixing techniques. Especially if you’re a guitarist as well as an engineer.

A Guide to Soundchecking

What is a soundcheck? What is the point of it?

Mastering Engineers – Do I Really Need One?

There is much confusion about the role of mastering engineers and the part they play in the audio post production chain. To understand their role, we need to first understand what exactly is mastering.

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