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Audio Mastering Options For The Music Hobbyists

Many artists enjoy creating music at home, or renting studios to record their songs. Whether they are singers, instrument players, or full bands, recording their own music can be within their reach. However, many find that even with good recording results, they can’t achieve a professional sounding final product without having the tracks mastered.

How to Make a Unique Beat

How do I make a beat? How do I make it stand out from the rest? How do I make my music sound professional? Do I need to know music theory? These are questions that every producer thinks about. My goal is to point you in the right direction to creating your own unique beats because there is no formula for it, only certain principles that are greatly dynamic in nature. The trick is to learn them, then learn how to break them apart. Let’s take a look.

The Artist Guide to Succeed in Today’s Music Industry

Tips How you can take your music to the next level. Record labels don’t want you to know!

Looking To Start A Music Record Label? 10 Things You Will Need To Know

Today, so many inspired artists and musicians have the best opportunity ever existed in the music industry. With all of the DIY startup kits, self-managed websites, online video tutorials, and free templates to download, it has become very easy and exciting to be independent with your music career. In this article I will cover only the basics of what to expect in obtaining the proper credentials of an independent record label in 10 steps. It doesn’t matter what genre you consider your music to be. In this article, one size fits all.

Is Streaming Saving or Killing the Music Industry?

Most of us are probably guilty of using music streaming services to get all of our music delivered to us digitally at little to no cost. CD sales have hit record lows in the United States, however any and all music is now accessible globally. Is this technology reviving or killing the music industry?

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