Indie/Rock/Alternative/Folk Compilation – March 2021

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Independent Rappers: Why Rappers Should Be Opinion Leaders

It is the 21st Century and also the information age. Given that those who had iron in the Iron Age were kings; those who have information at their fingertips in this age will succeed.

Branding Yourself As An Artist

I went to a wise man whose work I admire and said, “Sir I like the way you brand your work.” He smiled and told me to sit down so he could explain a few concepts.

Music – The Lost Industry?

This may be a very bold statement but online session singers and online music created in online studios are the future! If you look at the way the music industry and all of its offshoots are going in the last 10 years, it is clear to see there are lots of big studios which cannot afford to operate in the same way that they used to. Couple that with the fact that technology is moving faster than it ever has done in the past and you have a perfect storm for creating great music in…

Are Free Beats Killing The Music Industry?

This article covers the issues that most music producers face, “are free beats killing the game?” Honestly it really isn’t and we hope this article can explain why. There are many advantages and less disadvantages to this situation.

The Problem That Artists and Music Producers Face

This article describes the hardships of how artists and producers yearn for exposure via social media. Artists and producers tend to want quick fame, this article will relinquish those thoughts and encourage the hardworking up and coming musicians to be patient and smart.

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