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The Often Overlooked Home Recording Equipment You Need

A while ago I wrote a guide to The Bare Essential Home Recording Equipment you need to start your own home recording studio. These essentials, although very important, need even more important parts in order to function. When thinking about putting together a home recording studio there are many things that are overlooked. When you put a budget together you usually put down the microphones you want, the interfaces and the monitors, just like I did with that guide. But we tend to forget about the things that make our home recording equipment work: the cables, the mic stands and all the other miscellaneous stuff that slips our mind. So when you’ve put together a budget for your home recording studio, and if you’ve put together your own bare essential list of home recording equipment please don’t forget this EVEN MORE Essential List of Home Recording Equipment.

Feng Shui and Your Home Recording Studio

Using Feng Shui for your home recording studio might seem a bit weird. Especially when you do some research and read that you should have flowing water to symbolize positive energy in your room. I don’t know about you, but flowing water in the background of my audio tracks sounds like a pretty bad idea.

Best Ways to Get the Best of Your Shoot Day

Prior planning always prevents poor performance on a shoot day. The harder you plan, the better it is. You need to be ready for each and all eventualities because if something can go wrong, it will.

Music Video Production: Ideas and Treatment

Even though you might not have a clear idea of what it means, the word ‘treatment’ will still be familiar to you. No doubt that it gets bounced around a lot in the creative industries.

When Is It Smarter to Edit or Re-Record?

There are so many editing tools out there that enable you to fix even the worst of errors. Auto-Tune and Melodyne work wonders for tuning, and all these elastic time tools seem to fix even the worst performance.

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