Indie/Rock/Alternative/Folk Compilation – April 2021

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8 Music Mixing Tips To Be An Awesome Audio Engineer!

Today, anyone with a laptop and a few recording microphones has all the tools they need to record, produce, and mix music and create their own recording studio. The home recording studio revolution is here. But with the ever increasing (and often overwhelming) choices of EQs, compressors and load of other plugins, how do we put them together to make a great sounding mix? With increasing demands on sound quality, audio engineering is essential to get your track to stand out from the masses. Here are some tips to help you improve in your mixing process.

Who Owns The Music Anyway?

Over the last 15 years or so there has been a huge debate about who owns and what is proper use of digital media such as digital music, books, software and videos. Remember file-sharing sites like Napster? These sites let individuals share music on a large scale instead of buying it.

How Do Bass Traps Work to Lower Bass Frequencies?

Bass traps (or bass absorbers) are often recommended to be placed in certain areas of a room, but not everyone knows exactly why, or how they work. This article will give you a better idea of what they do and why you should have them.

What Is Happening to Cassie’s Music Career?

The last time Cassie put out something worth buzzing about was a year ago. One would think having a music mogul boyfriend would up her game.

Experts on Online Marketing

This is my output of what I have been experiencing through my short experience in the world of online marketing as a professional musician. As most of us are aware the internet has expanded our opportunities as professionals, no matter what realm we explore and what field we develop our selves in.

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