Indie/Rock/Alternative Compilation – April 2021 (1½-Hour Playlist)

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DJs, There Are DJs Everywhere

In the world today there are probably 10 DJs to every bar in the UK. I use the word DJ loosely, as I explain in this article. I want to address the issue of what makes you a DJ, why playing in your bedroom does not mean you are a DJ

Buy Beats or Free Instrumentals?

This is often an issue raised among aspiring artists of not only rap music but other genres as well. Many people debate on whether or not it is important to buy beats when there are tons of free instrumentals on the internet.

Knowing How To Select The Right Music For Your Next Project

So your next project is coming up or maybe you’re almost through with one of your projects and the only thing preventing it from being a master peace is the right background music. You need what you need right now. Some projects such as a 30 second ad may only need a small 30 second piano or guitar peace but an indie film may need 2 whole hours of background and or theme music.

Can Artists Still Make Money Selling Music?

Can artist make money off of this new platform? The answer is yes. Here is why. I remember in the early 2000’s when I would produce indie artist here in Chicago. They would go out and spend $2,000 on 2500 CD’s and sell at shows, out of their trunk or try to get them into local stores. This was after they would spend a few thousand getting the CD produced in the first place. Today an artist can have a digital Cd distributed to multiple online stores without spending one dime on CD printing. The cost of producing a cd can now be done for hundred dollars instead of thousands of dollars.

The Role of a DJ in 2014

My views on the industry challenges facing professional DJs in 2014. I explore the issues of pricing, market saturation, and answer the question “What should a DJ be?”

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