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How Composers Can Promote Thier Music

The biggest mistake any online business can make is to have the attitude of build it and they will come. You will be sadly disappointed when you find out they will not just come. This is especially true for those trying to license music. Since this is a specialty market a composer is not looking to promote to the general public.

Can You Really Make a Living Licensing Music?

I would challenge anyone to watch TV, go to the movies, listen to any type of radio show, cable channel or even go into your local grocery store and not hear some form of background music being played. Sometimes we recognize this music because it’s from a commercial artist but many times we do not. If you are watching a TV show most of the time you have no idea where the background music came from.

Country Music Record Labels

Country music is a type of music that originated from the rural areas of the Southside of the United States of America. It is usually comprised of ballads as well as dance tunes that are usually in simple forms and have got harmonies that are accompanied by string instruments. Some of the renowned country record labels are the following.

How to Create a Professional Sounding Audiobook

Want to produce professional audiobooks? Read on for great tips for producing audiobooks.

Why Mastering Your Audio Is Vital

Mastering is the most mysterious and least understood of all audio processes. Sometimes referred to the “black art”, there are many misconceptions around it. Many budding audio producers and composers confuse it with mixing.

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